What does the money advice service offer?

Provide debt counseling and financial guidance. Lobbying and campaigning for legislative changes to improve policies that contribute to people's debt problems. MoneyHelper is the new and easy way to get clear, free and unbiased help for all your money and pension options. Whatever your circumstances or plans, go ahead with MoneyHelper.

We help people, especially those most in need, to improve their financial well-being and build a better and more secure future. Working collaboratively across the UK, we ensure that clients can access high-quality money and pension guidance and debt advice throughout their lives, how and when they need it. The Strategy sets out a ten-year plan to address not only people's skills and knowledge around money management, but also the attitudes and motivations that hold them back, and their access to products and services. The Money and Pensions Service (MAP) replaces the 3 existing providers of government-sponsored financial guidance: Money Advice Service, Pensions Advisory Service and Pension Wise.

The UK Strategy is the ten-year framework that will help achieve the vision that everyone can make the most of their money and pensions. The Monetary Advisory Service (MAS) is a publicly funded body, which provides the backbone of the Financial Capability Strategy for the United Kingdom. The monetary counseling service will soon become MoneyHelper, the easiest way to get free help for your money and pensions. As the statutory body responsible for improving public understanding of financial matters, the Money Advice Service led the work of a wide range of organizations from the public, private and voluntary sectors to develop a new financial capacity strategy for the UK.

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